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Galveston Island Texas Weddings

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Galveston Wedding Ceremonies

There are many options for wedding ceremonies; from formal to beachfront to religious or even an elopement! The choice is yours. Some important things to consider are: your and your spouse’s religious faith and background, finances, your two distinct but (hopefully!) complementary personalities, and time constraints, if any. A religious wedding is considered traditional, but can range from Catholic to Protestant, non-denominational, Jewish, or even just an acknowledgement of a higher power. Many couples of the same faith share in a “church” wedding, but many people of faith choose a beachfront locale, considering that they are on an island! Since there is over a dozen miles of beachfront, outdoors is a beautiful option. Many couples choose smaller, intimate weddings when choosing a beach wedding. Most men of faith, be it pastors, priests, or rabbi will agree to an out-of-doors ceremony. Finding the right officiate is important to most couples, but for some, the Justice of the Peace will do just fine! Remember, it is your and your spouse’s day- pick what suites you best!

Galveston Wedding Locations

There are many, MANY beautiful locations for weddings on Galveston Island.  From any of the beaches or pocket beaches, to the historic houses and plantation style homes, from the beautifully ornate 100 year old churches to the gardens at the San Luis Resort or Moody Gardens, there is a location for everyone!  Many of the homes and resorts will host your reception as well, making it twice as convenient for everyone present!

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Galveston Beach Weddings


Galveston TX Weddings

It wouldn’t be a beach wedding without the beach!  Galveston Island is known for its pocket beaches, East Beach, West End, bayside, and across the ferry: Crystal Beach.  There, many couples choose to marry, since drinking is legal, and guests like to toast the bride and groom with champagne, or even have a bar with their after wedding party.  There are companies that will perform the entire beach ceremony, with flowers included, and those to rent out by the job.  One thing is certain, it will be a day to never forget!

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